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We are a video game company that desires to change the Brazilian gaming scenario. Bannaker Braulio, founder of the game, together with Jhoniker Braulio, CEO of the company, dreamt of a bold project and started working on it. By the end of 2019, RIO - Raised in Oblivion was born and presented at Brasil Game Show, where it won Best Indie Game of Latin America in 2019. Our mission is to bring fun to people and, at the same time, awaken senses and feelings, taking them to a whole new level with our games, working with honesty, commitment and respect towards players and our employees.


Raised in Oblivion X, or simply RIO-X, is an online survival game where the action takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a post-apocalyptic Brazil, specifically in Vidigal (one of the biggest slums in Rio de Janeiro), an infectious virus is spreading around and making people affected by it get unconsciously aggressive and start attacking others. To suppress contagion, the local government built contention walls around the neighborhood: no one gets in and no one gets out. It is then necessary to survive until a cure is found. Behind the walls, chaos is spreading and people fight for survival, even if that means they must kill other survivors to steal their items, or just to satisfy a sadistic need.


Following a partnership with Portal Whale, the X element is being implemented, making it the first FPS and survival play-and-earn game. We are integrating it in the Polygon network (MATIC), adding an in-game rewards system, staking, NFTs and building an entire metaverse. It is possible to buy and sell items, skins NFTs and outdoors in our website with RIO-X, the game’s native token. RIO-X token can be exchanged for stable coins or saved through a farming system.

FirstPhoenix - Staff - Jhoniker Braulio

Jhoniker Braulio

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
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Andreas Klettenhofer

IP (Investor Partner)
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Wander Rolse

IP (Investor partner)
FirstPhoenix - Staff - Bannaker Braulio

Bannaker Braulio